My favorite shoes are 1/2 size too large. What can I do?

My favorite pair of shoes, ones that I purchased blindly online through a private seller, are about 1/2 size too large.
Is there anything I can do to help minimize this? To be more specific, they are a bit too long. My foot has a bit of wiggle room, which I find very annoying. I can live with the fact that they aren't "perfectly" my size (mainly due to the fact that I can afford to replace them currently), but would like them to feel good at the very least.
I learned the hard way that I had been wearing / buying shoes too large lately (my first venture into the dress world per se). It's been an expensive lesson--expensive for someone just graduating that is.
All suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
You can buy heel pads that stick or glue to the inside heel. Dr. Scholls makes these and can be found at Walgreens/Eckerds/RiteAid.
Uhn, I never knew, granted I've never looked for them either.
Is this the general consensus then? Heel pads?
I never found heel pads to be effective for me. Tongue pads are a better alternative IMO.
Tongue pads? Can you explain how they function? Will they help me solve the length issue? From a width, and height (that's what will call it), they fill fine. I just don't like the front and back movement.
A tongue pad will tighten up the instep and push your foot back into the heel and make the heel fit better. It will give an overall snugger fit and will prevent your foot to slide back and forth.
Tongue pads function by adding pressure to your foot when the shoe is laced and that's IMO more effective than heel pads which rely on additional friction rather than pressure
tongue pads are items you stick under the tongue of the shoe , which when your feet are inside , pushes your foot back further.
my advice is if it is only the length that is troubling you,
i sometimes find it resolving to place several cotton balls pushed toward to the end of the inside toebox.
when your feet are in the shoes, the cotton will conform to your toes, you should place enough where it will take up enough space so your heel falls firmly against the heel counter properly.
but do this only if it does not place your widest ball area of the foot out of line with the widest portion of the shoes.
most shoes have an elongated toebox so the above should work out.
So you walk around all day along with cotton balls stuffed inside your shoes? :marchal:
if the shoes are a half size too large.
actually, i never tried it, i just thought that up a few minutes ago trying to post a response.
Thicker socks. :tounge:
where can you find these tongue pads? any particular brand that we should look for?
I've even doubled up on socks, to good effect.
You can buy heel and tongue pads at any pharmacy or Wal-Mart-style department store.
Tongue pads or a padded insole will both work.
That being said, I've noticed that shoes my proper size (somewhere between an 8.5 - 9, sometimes even a 9.5--rarely), always have ample room in the toe box, but fit fantastic everywhere else.
Do dress shoes always have some spare room up there? I guess I'm used to wearing Puma's, where my foot would always encompass the entire shoe (toe box and all).
Not to be an ass but just looking at the shape of shoes and the shape of the human foot, I assume it's normal for room at the tip. Unless your foot comes to a sharp triangular tip.
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